PlanPlus - Decentralized Planning System
Plan Plus
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Facilitates decentralized planning
process in local language
Captures the planning
Converges the flow of funds from
different sources
Citizen participation in planning
Brings about total transparency in the
plan approval process
Provides role based authentication
and authorization
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  • What is the objective of PlanPlus ?
    The Objective of PlanPlus is to facilitates the Decentralized Planning process in Local Language by Supporting need/ activity based planning rather than scheme-driven Enabling Citizen participation in the planning process Converging the flow of funds from different sources of funds- Centre, State sector, and OSR Capturing of the planning work flow
  • How can Citizen participate in the planning process?
    Citizen (incl. SHGs, NGOs can submit his/ her suggestions through the Add Suggestion section available on the home page of the website (

    It may be noted that the citizens would only be able to submit the suggestions, after the respective Plan Unit has called for suggestions to be submitted through the PlanPlus application.
  • What is the relationship between plan and Activity?
    A plan will invariably consists of one more related activities belong to different sectors.
  • What is work focus area?
    PlanPlus offers an opportunity to categorize your work in one of the thrust areas. Thrust area is the one of the 29 subject areas of Panchayat, as listed in XI schedule of the constitution. Only the focus areas selected/ mapped by the State would be available to the Planning Unit during the planning process.
    You could suggest other focus areas in case your work output does not belong or cannot be represented in any one of them.
  • What are the different type of outputs which could be created out of a work?
    Each work is supposed to be generating some tangible or in-tangible form of output. PlanPlus offers the following categorization to capture them:
    a. Asset
    b. Training/ Capacity Building c. Service d. Operations & Maintenance activities a. You could suggest other top-level categories in case your work output does not belong or cannot be represented in any one of them.
  • What is a Resource Envelope ?
    Resource envelope means the identification and listing of various sources providing funds to planning units such as grant from higher level of governments through developmental schemes, local revenue, voluntary contribution by public, Human and natural resources etc.
  • What is the Planning Workflow ?
    Planning work-flow is set of processes which guides the movement of plan document. These processes could be relating to verification, gram Saba approval, administrative approval, DPC approval etc. Work-Flow in PlanPlus is defined at the state login for each scheme included in the Panchayat plan. The work-flow is common for all Planning units in the entire State.
Plan Plus